Puts communication in its place

Nested puts communication in its place by integrating all your existing messaging in a platform designed to give quick and easy control over all your community interactions, anytime, anywhere.

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Communication Control

Powerfully places communication where it should be

Designed to help you gain control of your communication by allowing you to create places and sub-places that intuitively house messaging and file sharing among all your communities.

Nested place for communication controls

Email Integration

Reduces reliance on email but doesn't replace it

Easily integrates your existing messaging in a way that allows you to better communicate within the platform while continuing communication with those outside.

Shared Savings

Cleverly stores everything in the right place

Shares all your usual files – no matter what the size – by cleverly linking them in a way that saves everyone space and time.

Implicit Security

Safely communicates at the levels you need to

Protects your private communication by allowing you to place it at differing levels when needed, keeping you in control of what is seen by whom and when.

Rapid Response

Understands you may need to respond quickly

Allows you to quickly respond to messages by adding comments in a way that keeps the communication going without worrying about the formalities.

Nested response rapidly to messages and comments
Anytime, anywhere

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Nested where you can communicate with cimmunities

Communities Communicating

Powerfully places communication where it should be

Nested works differently by introducing hierarchical levels of communication that intuitively mirror the way you've structured your communities.

Platform Independent

Embraces and enhances your current communication

Nested is unlike other messaging platforms because it's platform-independent, meaning that inside or outside of it, your communication continues.

Privacy Protected

Control your communication at every level

Nested differs from other messaging platforms by easily allowing you to follow all communications at every level, meaning you'll no longer need tech support if matters get sensitive.